Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Thanksgiving :: Giving - Thanks!

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It's November 7th and as I look at my calendar I'm shocked at how time flies. Summer pretty much breezed by and I feel like I still haven't gotten enough of fall yet! Even though, it's probably my fault winter is coming. I've been listening to Kenny G Holiday on Pandora for about a month now, practically serenading snow to fall.

Black Friday Shopping!

Even though I hate the cold, the snow and the dark sky by 5, there are two things I LOVE about November: BLACK FRIDAY and Thanksgiving! Last night, I prepared for Black Friday by carrying 7 grocery bags into the house in one trip – ya know, gotta build up those arm muscles for hardcore shopping. But what am I doing to prepare for Thanksgiving? What are we all doing? I'm not talking about finding the holiday perfect outfit, cleaning the house for company or finding delicious recipes…but about preparing our hearts to give thanks

"Thanks" can be such an empty word, as it is used all the time without thought behind it. What if "thanks" wasn't really meant to be just a word? What if, this holiday season, we could show that we are thankful for all that God has blessed us with, by blessing others in return. When I think of things that I'm thankful for, I instantly think of my husband, my family, my job and my freedom. "Thanks" is only the first half of thanksgiving though – what about "giving?" What if, this Thanksgiving, we gave back to all the people/places/things that we're thankful for?

Here are a few ideas of how to GIVE – THANKS:
• Have friends and family over for dinner
• Do your significant others/roommates chores (everyone hates doing dishes!)
• Bring treats into work 
• Visit family or friends that you haven't seen in a while
• Mail a homemade card (my mom sent me one on Halloween and made my bad day turn right around!)
• Write a letter or an email to a politician and tell them how they positively impacted your life 
• Volunteer for an organization you believe in
• Donate or organize a food drive
• Serve your family the Thanksgiving meal
• Surprise someone with a small gift
• Pray for others
Hug your parents (really…when was the last time you gave them a real good hug?)
• Facebook blast a huge thanks to someone who makes a difference!
• Surprise your significant other with a date 
• Bring flowers to an elder at the nursing home and spend time with them
• Forgive someone (thankful that Jesus forgives you!)
• Praise someone for the hard work that they do
• Write a letter to a service organization that always gives you great customer service
• Give someone less fortunate a gift card (or to anyone you're thankful for)
• Tell your friends a quality you admire and appreciate about them
• Donate clothes to a family in need or Goodwill
• Help an elder or handicapped person

After all is said and done, not only will you make others feel good, but you will also feel amazing, I promise!

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