Wednesday, February 29, 2012

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Proverbs 31 Woman

As a 21st century woman, we all occasionally struggle with our identity. We're constantly being told by the media, advertisements, family, friends, religion/beliefs, etc how we should ACT, how we should LOOK, what we should do for a JOB and so on, it's endless. Instead of focusing on what others expect from me or want me to act like, I know that the Bible holds all truth and I try follow it as well as any imperfect human can do. Whether a believer or not, these are a good way to start being the women God calls us to be. They are all important and honorable characteristics.
  • Pursues an ongoing, personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Loves, honors, and greatly enriches the life of her husband, encouraging and supporting his leadership within his family and his church.
  • Nurtures the next generation, shaping and molding the children who will one day define who we are as a community and as a nation. 
  • Creates a warm and loving environment for family and friends.
  • Is a faithful steward of the time and money God has entrusted to her.
  • Speaks with wisdom and faithful instruction as she encourages others and develops godly friendships.
  • Shares the love of Christ by extending her hands to help the poor and opening her arms to the needy.
        (These points were adapted from a proverbs 31 website)

Monday, February 27, 2012

"I will wait for you" by Official P4CM Poet JANETTE...IKZ

Recently viral videos of Jefferson Bethke have been going around (, but my favorite one is by Janette...IKZ. I am officially obsessed with these lyrical poems. I LOVE her passion, obedience and humor. 
I wish I lived in NY because tickets to RHETORIC 2012 are only $20! If you're interested, visit this link:

What is Biblical Love?

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Hello all! This is the very first post on my blog! I wanted to start it out with a Bible study on LOVE, that I had outlined from my study*. My faith in Jesus Christ is very important to me and is the reason why I am the woman who I am today. I think that whether you're a Christian or not, learning about love and how to love is beneficial to anyone.