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70 Ways to Brighten Her Day!

Photo by Ag-argentum, Flickr

A few weeks ago, you may have caught my post 70 Ways to Brighten His Day. Today I'm giving you 70 Ways to Brighten Her Day! Now I know, you men who have actually clicked to read this post were probably A. Sent here by your wife, fiancé or girlfriend or B. feeling like you might lose a little bit of manhood by reading this. Well get over it and read the damn thing :)

Photo by Ag-argentum, Flickr

1. Specifically praise her for a job well done, whether it's something big or small.
2. Surprise her with flowers at work, at home or anywhere! Not just any flowers, but actually figure out what kind of flowers she likes and order them ahead of time. (If they're in season they'll be cheaper!)
3. Remember the day when you would woo her by making her dinner? Whether you cook on the regular for her or not, make a nice dinner for her. (Go all out with music, wine, etc)
4. Arrange a manicure and/or pedicure day at the spa with her best girl friend. 
5. If you have kids, spend some quality time with them and let her get some alone time! Whether she wants time with her girl friends or just an uninterrupted shower.
6. Tell her how amazing/hot/beautiful she looks in the jeans/top/dress that she's wearing. (Be aware of your tone when saying this!)
7. Take her car for maintenance, whether it's an oil change, trip to the mechanic or a simple wash. It will make her feel taken care of (and most likely not something she enjoys doing)!
8. If you want bonus points, go shopping for a new outfit for her to wear on the surprise date you're taking her on. It's not about whether the outfit is right, it's the principal that you cared enough to pick one out for her. Just make sure you know her sizes before you go! (Tip: sales ladies would probably LOVE to help you find the perfect outfit).

10. Take her with you to the batting cage, basketball courts, golf course, football game, etc. Whether it's teaching her how to play or to simply get some bonding time in, let her know that you wanted to do it with her, not just one of your buddies that you usually go with. Remember not to get too competitive, if she's just learning.
11. Tell her what she's done to help make you successful (does she stay at home with the kids so you can make a great salary, does she make you breakfast in the morning so you can go workout, is she your daily dose of positivity, etc)
12. Make her breakfast in bed. Not just microwaving a frozen breakfast sandwich, but cooking eggs, bacon and pancakes. Even if you're horrible at cooking, she is bound to love it. 
13. Set a pre-paid massage appointment for her at the spa.
14. Carve "I love you" into a bar of soap, it'll be a nice little surprise for her in the morning

16. Get that hair cut, beard shaved or whatever she's been bugging you about!
17. Hold her hand.
18. Praise her! You can either do this in person or publicly (example: a Facebook status or her wall…don't be obnoxious though!)
19. Butter her toast, fill her glass, it's the little things.
20. Take her to a chic flick. Just do it, it'll last 2-3 hours tops. You. Will. Survive.
21. Pray for her and your relationship, aloud at your dinner prayer and/or during your silent daily prayers
22. Is there a chore that she hates to do? Washing the dog, weeding the garden, taking out the trash, do this for her. 
23. Leave a sweet note on or in her car to discover in the morning
24. Listen to her. Don't just hear her, but listen and look at her as she speaks. (women speak face to face, men speak side to side)
25. Open the car door for her. Not just on date nights and not just when her hands are full.
26. Start her car early in the winter for her, so it's warm and toasty when it's time for her to go to work/class.
27. Turn off the tv, close your laptop, put away the game system and ask her what she wants to do. 

29. Pick her up at work/class for a lunch date.
30. Hide post it love notes all throughout her belongings (hide in her drawers, clothes, book that she's reading, electronics etc) 
31. Pre-toothpaste her toothbrush.
32. Carry her luggage for her. 
33. Never discount the power of an apology. If you need to apologize for something in the past or present, make it genuine and show her love. This will definitely lift her spirit!
34. With genuine interest, ask her how her day was
35. Clean the house
36. Fill up her vehicle's gas tank
37. Blow dry her hair for her after a shower
38. Let her and her girl friends take over the house for a night
39. Spend the day with her family members and tell her how much you appreciate her (your) family
40. Send her a picture text from a favorite moment (wedding, vacation, out on the town, etc)
41. Make her laugh or laugh at her silly antics
42. Buy her that "thing" that she has been wanting
43. Keep in touch with her side of the family and be gracious to them

45. Rub her feet after a long day
46. Prepare for a romantic night in with candles lit and glasses of wine
47. Brag about her in front of your friends (occasionally)
48. Print a wallet sized picture of you two and put it on the dashboard of her car
49. Wear that shirt/sweater/pants that she loves on you, whether you hate it or not
50. Greet her at the door with a hug and a kiss
51. Email her a song, while she's at work, that reminded you of her
52. Surprise her with a trip to get ice cream
53. Has she been asking you to do something, that you've been putting off? Do it NOW!
54. Workout, enough said.

56. "Kidnap" her after work/class for a fun evening of dinner out and/or tickets to a show/concert
57. Make plans for something that she has been wanting to do together
58. Support her, whether it's attending her work functions, fundraisers, etc
59. Show her you trust in her by letting her control something that you normally do (monthly budget, driving, etc)

61. Buy her tickets to see her favorite music artist or show that she's been dying to see (whether you want to actually see it or not!)
62. Going on a road trip? Offer to drive, so she can relax
63. Befriend her friends and most likely they'll support you too
64. Be gracious to her friends and welcome them in your home

66. Wear the cologne that she loves on you
67. If she's feeling ill, go the full nine yards and take care of her
68. Go there with her. Whether it's to church, shopping, grocery store, wherever.
69. Remind her why you love her, why she's the one and why she makes you happy.
70. Be Yourself! She's not expecting you to be perfect or to quote love poems or to be doing every single thing from this list. The goal is to be the best version of yourself and to brighten your special woman's day. If she didn't deserve it, then you wouldn't be with her! 

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