Wednesday, February 6, 2013

How to :: Save on Vehicle Maintenance!

After dragging my feet for about 100 miles over the 3,000 mile marker, I finally took my car in for it's well-due oil change. While sitting there, bored, I was thinking that there's a bazillion more things that I would rather be doing than sitting in a dirty chair in a cold waiting room listening to country singers wail through the radio. Even worse, I knew they'd try to sell me on replacing every wiper, belt and filter in my car, but I understand business is business. And the only business I'm interested in is saving money!

While I already had a $5 off coupon from a mailer, I decided to try to find an even better deal while waiting. I whipped out my iPhone and opened my favorite app,! Within seconds, about 10 deals popped up, some with higher success ratings than others. I of course went with the deal that saved me the most: $10 off a Signature Oil Change. While the site didn't give me an actual coupon to download, it did give me a promo code which I relayed to the dude ringing me up. And guess what? It worked, $10 off my bill! Now that's not chump change, I literally saved about 35% off the total bill! 

Remember, you can do this too and it's so EASY! You can either download the app or just go to that website to find savings. When making your purchase, just make sure you have proof of the offer just in case the actual promotion code isn't in your particular store's system. Do so by printing the coupon or just take a screenshot of the offer. Often times the sales person will honor the dollar or percentage off. If you get your oil changes or other car maintenance done at a local dealer, versus chain stores, just check their website for special offers. If they don't have anything posted online, ask if they will honor a coupon that you find from a competitor! 

Happy Saving!

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