Friday, February 1, 2013

Super Bowl Party the EASY Way!

For about 95% of women in the US, the SuperBowl only means one thing – Party! Personally, I enjoy watching football, but considering my team didn't make the cut this year, my main priority for SuperBowl Sunday is good food! While Pinterest has a bazillion cute ideas for SuperBowl parties, that's not the route we're taking here folks. I'm talking bout plain, easy snacks that hack what Pinterest people take hours to make. We all know…"nobody ain't got time for that!" 

Party City supplies

Before we get to snacks, lets talk tableware. Party City has a whole collection of SuperBowl XLVII oddities. They have pre-packed "party kits" that include tableware and décor, but they also individually sell tablecloths, plates, napkins, cups, trays, centerpieces, etc. There's a ton of really cool stuff! The selection is way better than the mere solid colored plates that Walmart has. 

Pinterest Cookies...overachiever. Image from Shugary Sweets

Football Oatmeal Crème Pies

Who doesn't love Little Debbie Oatmeal Crème Pies? Seriously if you don't, you might not be American. Here's the hack…

Materials Needed:

Little Debbie Oatmeal Crème pies
Football Shaped Cookie Cutter
Readymade White Decorating Icing


Use the cookie cutter to cut out football shapes from the pre-made cookies. 
You can save the scraps and eat as is OR mix and ball up the scraps, then drizzle melted chocolate over them for little truffles.
Use the readymade white decorating icing to create the laces on the football.

Image from Flickr,  © cupcakechicutah

Football Cupcakes

While a cupcake or cake in the shape of a football would be glorious and pinterest worthy, we're not putting ourselves out on a limb here. So here's the hack…

Materials Needed:

Cake Mix
Pre-Made Frosting
Peanut M&M's
Readymade White Decorating Icing (or if you have an icing bag and small circle tip, you don't need this)
Football Cupcake Papers


Bake your cupcakes according to directions. Frost once cool.
Sort out 24 of the brown peanut M&Ms from the bag.
Place 1 brown M&M on top of frosting, then draw laces on football with readymade white decorating icing.

EASY Meal:

We all like to have multiple choices, but instead of making wings, tacos, sliders, etc as your main dish – try making Walking Tacos! While you can use about any kind of chip, my favorite is Spicy Nacho Doritos and don't forget to get all of your favorite fixings. 

I hope you all have a fantastic SuperBowl party!

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