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70 Ways to Brighten His Day!

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Most people have probably heard the saying "a happy wife is a happy life," but what about the husbands? Does this mean that the husbands are supposed to put forth all of the effort to make the woman happy??? Know what makes me happy? -- Making my husband happy! I know, I might be just plain weird, but I LOVE doing things to make my husband happy. Whether it's something small like leaving his slippers by the door for him to put on after work or planning a big surprise. I know that my friends also love doing special things for their husbands/fiancés/boyfriends as well, therefore I have complied a list of 70 thoughtful things to do for your man to brighten his day! And I promise, it'll brighten your day too!

70 Ways to Brighten Your Man's Day

1. Show appreciation for him, tell him specifically what you appreciate (bonus: he'll be more likely to repeat this action)
2. Bake him his favorite treat 

Peanut Butter Pretzel Rice Krispie Bars

3. Bake something he enjoys, that he can bring to work/class with him to share

No-Bake Granola Energy Bites

4. When my husband travels for work, I make something he can munch on while on the road (trail mix, no-bake granola energy bites, etc)
5. If you have kids, spend some quality time with them and let him enjoy some man time with his buddies

6. Surprise him with his favorite beer! My husband's jaw dropped open one day after work when I surprised him with his new favorite specialty beer.
7. Surprise him with a freshly cleaned car, in and out – men love their vehicles
8. If you don't on the regular, iron his shirt and slacks for work or church
9. Make a scavenger hunt with clues and/or riddles, whether it takes him through the house or town – you can have small gifts along the way or one big gift along the way (I did this for my husband's birthday – it was so much fun!)

10. Let him have the remote for the entire night and watch his favorite shows with him (without complaint!)
11. Tell him how blessed you feel to be his 

Breakfast in bed that I made!

12. Make him breakfast in bed. Not just eggs, but the full-spread!
13. Buy some massage oil and give him a back rub OR go all out and set a pre-paid massage appointment for him at the spa (make sure the latter is something he'd feel comfortable with)
14. Carve "I love you" into a bar of soap, it'll be a nice little surprise for him in the morning
15. Wear something that he loves on you 
16. Hand him a beer as he walks in the door at the end of the day
17. Pray for him and your relationship, aloud at your dinner prayer and/or during your silent daily prayers
18. Praise him! You can either do this in person or publicly (example: a Facebook status or his wall…don't be obnoxious though!)
19. Surprise him with his favorite meal
20. Send him a sweet/sexy text/picture message
21. Tell him he's handsome/hot/sexy/etc
22. Is there a chore that he hates to do? My husband hates doing the dishes and loves it when I do that chore. 
23. Leave a sweet/sexy note in his car for him to discover in the morning
24. Don't nag or be negative for an entire day, instead compliment or listen to him

Minnetonka Men's Sheepskin Slipper

25. Leave his slippers by the door to put on after work
26. Start his car early in the winter for him, so it's warm and toasty when it's time for him to go to work/class
27. Leave him a sweet note on a foggy bathroom mirror
28. Wake up cheery and surprise him with some love in the morning


29. Surprise him at work with lunch (check any meeting schedules in advance)
30. Hide post it love notes all throughout his belongings (hide in his drawers, clothes, book, electronics etc) 
31. Pre-toothpaste his toothbrush :)
32. If you know you'll be home late, have a crock pot meal on and ready for when he gets home
33. Shop for him, pick out a new outfit (my husband loves when I clothes shop for him)
34. With genuine interest, ask him how his day was
35. Clean the house without asking for any help
36. Fill up your man's gas tank
37. If there's a particular chore that he normally does, like shoveling, do it for him
38. Let him and his buddies take over the house for a night
39. Spend the day with his mother/sister/grandmother and tell him how much you appreciate his (your) family
40. Send him a picture text from a favorite vacation moment 
41. Make him laugh or laugh at his silly antics

Avid golfer?

42. Buy him the ______ that he has been wanting (new golf club, shoes, etc)
43. Let him be the "man of the house" - ask him what he wants for dinner, serve him, etc
44. Fulfill any promises you may have made previously
45. Rub his feet after a long day
46. Prepare for a romantic night in with candles lit, glasses of wine and something new from VS
47. Brag about him in front of his friends on occasion
48. Print a wallet sized picture of you two and put it on the dashboard of his car
49. If he's feeling ill, go the full nine yards and take care of him
50. Greet him at the door with a hug and a kiss

51. Email him a song, while he's at work, that reminded you of him
52. Surprise him with a trip to get ice cream
53. Take extra time on yourself getting ready in the morning, look good for him
54. Wear lingerie he loves on you


55. Make your house homey for him to come home to. No man will admit it, but I know my hubby loves it when I have candles lit – ambiance! 
56. Kidnap him after work for a fun evening of dinner out and/or tickets to a sporting event
57. Make plans for something that he has been wanting to do together, such as a camping trip or road trip to a friend's place out of town

58. Buy yoga pants & wear them instead of sweats. Enough said. 
59. Show him you trust in him, whether it's by overcoming a fear with him by your side or trusting him to control the budget for next month
60. Make him a homemade card or gift
61. Frame a favorite picture of his for him to bring to work
62. Going on a road trip? Offer to drive, so he can relax
63. Befriend his friends, then if his friend's have wives/gfs then you all can do date nights
64. Support him, whether it's attending his work functions, sports league games, etc
65. Control your emotions. Whether it's PMS, jealousy or you're just having a bad day – don't take it out on him!
66. Be gracious to his friends and welcome them in your home
67. Buy him tickets to a game of his favorite sport
68. Keep in touch with his side of the family and be gracious to them

69. When grocery shopping, pick up his favorite treat and let him discover it in the cupboards/fridge
70. Be Yourself! Sometimes, the easiest way to love your man is to just be the woman he fell in love with. You don't need to be a supermodel, top chef or Pinterest fein, just be you.

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