Tuesday, March 26, 2013

How to Save Money Post Wedding :: The 5 R's



Did you know that most stores offer a registration completion discount? All of the things you wanted or needed off your registry, that you did not receive as a gift – you can purchase with a discount! We found that the average discount was about 10% off everything. Beware though, some stores may offer this on only one transaction, so pile up everything you need and get it in one shot! (It's even more fun, when you get to pay for it in all gift cards.) 


Oftentimes pans set, knife set, Kitchen-Aid mixers and other pricey items offer great rebates. Don't forget to take advantage of these savings! Most times you will receive money back, but sometimes rebates will send you a free gift, such as a new pan or measuring set ($$$). In the image above, Williams-Sonoma offers $50 cash back and a free 2-year magazine subscription. 


Did you get a bunch of gifts that were not on your registry that you don't want or need? Don't feel bad about returning it, seriously. Most likely, whoever bought the gift had wonderful intentions, but just didn't know where you were registered and would not be upset if you returned it. In exchange you will be able to put that money towards something else you needed, instead of paying out of pocket. Much better than a gift never seeing the light of day!

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Sometimes gifts you receive aren't exactly what they looked like online or just aren't something you registered for. Feel free to turn it into a craft! Personalized items also make for great gifts, with little or no impact to your wallet!

For example, if you receive a cute set of mugs that don't match your set, take a Sharpie to it, bake it (350 degrees for 30 min) and turn the design into something permanent! 

Image: storiented.blogspot.com


Regifting comes in handy when you don't have a return receipt or if you know someone who has been wanting this particular item (that you have no want/need for). I say regift, with an important disclaimer. Do NOT regift if it's used (rude!), useless (already owns one) or unwanted by the receiver (not to their taste). 

For instance, if you received 2 panini grills and your newly engaged sister loves a good sandwich, feel free to rewrap it up! But if she already has a panini grill or has no space for extra kitchen appliances, then it's useless to her! Don't forget to keep in mind the needs and wants of the receiver.

I hope these tips will not only help you save money, but help you decide what to do with all of the wonderful gifts you have received!

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