Thursday, May 30, 2013

How To: Save Money at the Movie Theater

You know that feeling you get when you see an awesome movie trailer that you've been dying to see? 
In the heat of the moment, I dash online to check out the showtimes and before I know it, the hefty ticket prices smack me in the face, forfeiting my desire. Depending on how bad my husband and I want to see a movie, we "rate it's worth" on the "scale" of: redbox rental (est. $1.35), video store rental (est. $3) or movie theater (est. $9.50). While it's always cheaper to watch at home, it's fun to have a movie date night out every so often! In this post, you'll learn how to affordably go to the movies and get your popcorn too. And by that, I don't mean smuggling it in your purse…

Email I received this week

We all get tons of junk email such as newsletters, special deals and updates that we tend ignore or mark as spam, but today I want to tell you about some "junk mail" that is actually beneficial! For a while now, I have been a member of my local movie theater's newsletter club. Each week I receive an email regarding new movies, weekly showtimes and news – BUT it also includes coupons (SCORE!) While saving 25 cents on an Icee isn't going to puff up your wallet, saving $4.50 on a movie will. 

Check out your local movie theater's website and see if they offer a similar club that emails out coupon savings or discounted nights. Oh and with that $4.50 savings, go ahead and reward yourself – movie and popcorn for the price of 1 regular ticket! 

Shop smarter, eat better, live happier.

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