Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Father's Day Gifts for Every Budget!

Father's Day is right around the corner and I'm wondering how it snuck up on me so fast. It seems the media makes a big flowery deal about Mother's Day and Father's Day falls to the wayside. Is it because men care less about the holiday or is it because women don't need the reminder to go shopping? No worries, Scantilly Cllad has got it covered! Check out my list of Father's Day gifts for every budget.

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Specialty Beer $5-10

If the father of your kids or your dad loves a good beer, check out the newest selection at your local liquor store. Instead of picking up his usual 6-pack, look for a new specialty beer. Ask for help if you don't know which kind to pick, a store clerk should be able to point out a few good choices. If you want to play it safe, stick with his preference of a dark or light beer – there will be plenty to choose from! This is my husband's favorite specialty beer.

Utili-Key 6-in-1 Tool 9.99

This gadget is seriously cool! A 6-in-1 tool that fits on your keychain, shaped like a key. Whether he's a handy man or not, this tool's multi-use purpose is so versatile. 

Sipping Stones 14.95

Sipping stones are the perfect way to keep a drink cool without dilution. I am actually going to purchase a set of these for my dad and father-in-law! Their "on the rocks" experience will never be the same.

Chillsner $29.95

You know how guys (and girls) love an "ice cold beer?" With the Chillsner, they can take it to a whole new level. There is no beer better than one that stays ice cold. Oh and it comes in a 2 pack, so double fisting is welcome. 

Monogram Forged Steak Brand $31.96

I may be from Iowa, but correct me if I'm wrong – men love steak. Let your man put his mark on the beef with this high quality, monogrammed steak brand. Perfect for dinner parties or simply for him to claim the biggest piece. Sweet! 

NFL Grill Tool Set $39.95

Help your dad step up his grill skills with this ballin grill tool set. While I would highly suggest everyone buy a Packers set (Go Pack Go!), there's a place called the internet that has a wide variety of options for lesser teams (hehe).

Reef $48

Summer is here and these "manly flip flops" will rock his socks off (ya'll know socks with sandals is not a good look). 

Gift Basket $64

A gift basket full of delicious goodies is perfect for the dad at a distance from you. If you're states away, send him a bunch of local goods, that can't be bought elsewhere. This basket is great for Father's Day with salsa, dip, beef stick, popcorn, etc. 

Cologne $69.99

Cologne is a great gift to give the father of your kids. Remember how good he used to smell before he had to change all those dirty diapers? Just kidding, we all know men don't change the diapers (jk jk!) 

App Controlled Tank with Night Vision $79.99

You will be the wife or daughter of the year if you bought this tank for him. I don't know a single guy who wouldn't want to play around with this man's toy – heck I want to play with this and Im not even interested in this kind of stuff! Definitely a solid buy for a man who's young at heart. 

Hammock Bed $91.24

Treat the dad in your life, with this relaxing hammock bed. Perfect for the man who works hard and deserves some relaxation (or if you're trying to move your couch potato outside?) Double points if you bring him a drink and snacks, when he's trying it out!

Charcoal Grill $99

My husband has said numerous times over the past year, that we should get a charcoal grill. While grilling with propane is fast and easy, there's just something about the pace and smell of charcoal grilling that drives men crazy, in a good way!

What are you getting the dad in your life, for father's day? There are so many great options for gifts, whether homemade, purchased or an experience together (ball game anybody?), your dad is sure to love anything that you put thought into!

Be Scantilly Cllad - Shop smarter, eat better, live happier.

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