Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Falling for Fall

As a Midwestern girl, I can easily say Fall is my favorite season, it is such a sensational time of the year. I love hearing the wind blow through the trees with crunchy leaves, from my bedroom window I can even hear acorns falling onto my car that's parked right outside. Everyone's instagraming pictures of their carved pumpkins, colorful trees and the most beautiful sunsets. During this time, I want to share with you a few of my favorite fall things.

1. I love to burn a good harvest candle - I bought this one from Hobby Lobby, 40% off.
2. Now is the perfect time to start baking more since the weather is turning cooler. Last night, I baked banana coffee bread, a recipe of my mom's that I have baked for years, but finally decided to add a super secret ingredient to it (more like an obvious one!) - recipe coming soon!
3. I registered for these gorgeous mercury candle pillars from Pottery Barn (link) for our wedding and we were lucky enough to receive them! I can't wait to put some red pillar candles on them for Christmas, but for now I love these little pumpkins taking the place of a candle. Back in September, my husband said it was too early to buy pumpkins for carving...so I found another route to get some fall decor in the house...I'm always anxious for a holiday!
Sidenote - Pumpkins can be pricy if you're not a smart shopper! Check the prices of the stores near you because prices may vary by a lot - in my town Aldi's was the cheapest I found at $2.99, while Walmart and Hyvee were charging around $6-$7 for the same size of pumpkins (the big carving ones!) Your local Farmer's Market is also a great inexpensive place to buy pumpkins.
4. I have been waiting on this beauty for the past month...the jacket, not the chick. This gorgeous leather jacket with bits of golden glam was backordered and is finally traveling to meet me, I cannot wait! Leather is the must have accessory this season and it will last forever, so it is definitely a great "investment". Victoria's Secret also has loads of great sales so checkout their latest promo codes to save some money, visit this article to learn more.

Inspiration Color Pallet
I grabbed these rich fall colors directly from the photos above! I am almost astonished at how perfectly they match the clothing that is currently on the market. Just last week, I bought a cardigan in the "stone" and deep fuchsia background color. Target also had similar colored sweaters in the goldenrod and deep brown color.

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