Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Welcome to Scantilly Cllad! This is my very first post for release, it brings back the feeling of cooking dinner for my boyfriend (now husband) for the first time. Do I whip out the big guns with twice baked potatoes and stuffed chicken breast or do I hook ya with delectable homemade cupcakes for dessert? I guess we will just have to see! I not only love to cook, but I have many passions and Scantilly Cllad is an outlet for my creativity. After all, now that the church bells have rung and I am officially a newlywed, the wedding planning process is over – yet I need something to keep my creative juices running. If you have ever seen the movie "Up", you will understand me saying that life is like "Squirrel!!!" I start going down one path and something shiny catches my eye and leads me in a completely new direction. Therefore, this is a place where no topic is off limits and you will see it all through Scantilly Cllad. So come back and visit soon! 

Have a lovely day,

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